Apr 2022

Spacious Hotel & Great Service

This hotel is huge, you can explore in the hotel and use a lot of facilities. Got nice view on the balcony. You can't smoke in the room. The services are also great, you can watch tv, call for room service, and cool yourself with AC. If you bored stay in room, you can walk around the hotel. Overall it's a great hotel.

Kelvin Adrian

Apr 2022

Quality Time

Ok banget hanya waktunya hanya 1 hari 24 jam, coba kalo 36 jam, pasti lebih menyenangkan. Breakfast nya bener2 cocok buat anak2 juga. Tempat main untuk anak2 bener2 menyenangkan, terutama untuk anak2, sampe susah diajak pulang xixixixixi

Katrin R